Seaworthy Foundation

Seaworthy Foundation is the nonprofit social impact arm of Seaworthy Collective.

Our mission is to build and educate our community, making ocean innovation accessible, inclusive, and interdisciplinary, starting with our Sea Change Makers Panel Series and expanding with our fellowship launching in 2022.


Board of Directors


Dr. Mark Abbott

President Emeritus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Ubah Bulale

CEO of Cerebral Safari, Founder of Transplant Miami

chris daniels headshot_edited.jpg

Chris Daniels

Founder/CEO of The Shrimp Society


Christina Thirkell

Non-profit & Social Impact Leader, Harvard Business School Association


Your Support Makes An Ocean of Difference

Your ongoing support fuels ocean innovation efforts worldwide. Each of our six opportunities for sea change focuses on regenerative solutions in the areas of biggest concern, leveraging your monthly gift and maximizing the impact of your donation, upstream and downstream.


Sea Change Makers Giving

Reoccurring sea change giving supports SC’s work to build a lasting, truly regenerative ocean community and future. With just a few simple steps, you can make a contribution to SC that will make an ongoing impact on our community and oceans for the entrepreneurs, past, present, and future. Your donation will go directly towards supporting our programs to build and educate a community of entrepreneurs in environmental technology and increase diversity and inclusion through our fellowship.