Max Ringelheim

Founder of When Going Viral

Co-founder of 2015's Hoverboard Fad

Max Ringelheim is a passionate tech entrepreneur from New York and recent Miami transplant. Max started and worked on a video conferencing technology company called for 3.5 years right out of college. He was then the cofounder of 2015's Hoverboard fad through his popular viral brand PhunkeeDuck. PhunkeeDuck and the Hoverboard product skyrocketed into a massive global phenomenon, however only 14 months later it completely crashed and burned. Through Max's high-energy, engaging, and educational corporate workshops called "When Going Viral" he puts participants in the driver's seat of the roller coaster ride of launching PhunkeeDuck. Max's workshops allows any individual, a part of any organization, to learn incredibly important business and life lessons about topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, marketing, business operations and much much more. After PhunkeeDuck Max worked full time in sales for 2+ years at children's edtech startup littleBits and 1 year in marketing at WeWork. Max is presently a sales and marketing consultant for different international and domestic technology companies.

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