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Michael J. Penfield

Principal and CEO Stradivarius Consulting

Michael J. Penfield is the CEO of a multidisciplinary business development and management consulting firm based in Miami, FL. They, along with their robust network of partners, work across a diverse set of verticals which include: startups, emerging enterprises, and planning. One of the company's core competencies is understanding across various aspects of business, there is a need to be innovative, competitive and agile while maintaining the key elements of collaboration and partnership required at the intersection of business, lifestyle and beyond. Stradivarius Consulting's expertise and partnership transform data and analytics into sustainable and actionable insights that inform, enable and empower an organization's critical business decisions.

With more than 16 years of experience as a global enterprise development and solutions consulting professional, Michael has developed expertise in strategy, planning, implementation, business intelligence, advisory services, relationship-based engagement, and brand management. His work has taken him across various industries such as disaster and emergency management, corporate sales, R&D, marketing, technology and communication, but his focus has remained primarily in the business development and management consulting industry.