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Seawater as a Resource

Ocean Energy, Desalination, & Hydrogen fuel extraction from seawater

As sea levels rise, seawater’s uses as an abundant resource must rise with it. Currents, tides, and waves all offer dynamic sources of energy, while thermal and salinity differences can also generate power. “Theoretically, marine and hydrokinetics can deliver over 6,000 megawatts of potential energy in the United States. Among marine energy, energy derived from waves has the largest potential in the country, reaching up to 2,640 megawatts. Globally wave energy has a resource potential of up to 80,000 terawatt hours.”,and%20differences%20in%20ocean%20temperatures. Additionally, seawater may be utilized for desalinated drinking water and even has the potential to be transformed into hydrogen fuel. The cost of desalinated water has been coming down as the technology evolves and the cost of other sources increases with a changing climate and water cycles.