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Help Empower Sea Change This Giving Tuesday

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

A note from our founder, Daniel Kleinman

The oceans are a frontier in crisis, facing threats including warming, acidification, overfishing, plasticization, pollution, and lack of regulations and enforcement. Meanwhile, public funding for ocean research has dwindled globally, as the resources to explore and understand the oceans have primarily been siloed to the fossil fuel and defense industries. Additionally, current sustainability initiatives to improve global interaction with the oceans are simply not enough. However, we at the Seaworthy Collective know there is the collective talent to explore, understand, and innovate to save our oceans!

The systemic failures to catalyze solutions for the oceans' greatest problems inspired me to create the Seaworthy Collective, the first startup community and incubator focused on ocean impact in South Florida and the overall Southeast region of the United States.

Our mission is to build and empower a community of current and aspiring ocean innovators and entrepreneurs to grow their own regenerative ocean impact companies.

As Seaworthy Collective’s founder, I have spent over a year and a half conceptualizing, idea validating, business planning, bringing mentors and strategic collaborators on board (which we now have over 25), building our team, and finally launching and hosting educational events that have helped build our community. Communicating my vision and passion for solving the systemic failures obstructing the necessary innovations to save our oceans has been the crux of my entrepreneurial journey. Considering that the oceans provide the oxygen for every other breath we take, let alone the amount of food we harvest from it, the health of the seas affects every person on the planet’s wellbeing. I truly believe that empowering an interdisciplinary community encompassing ocean science, conservation, and exploration with the skills, knowledge, and resources for innovation and entrepreneurship through Seaworthy Collective will help catalyze a Regenerative Blue Economy.

With this solid foundation, we are ready to take off in 2021, fueled by your generous support. In January, we will be launching our “Call for Ideas for Sea Change,” where we will be crowdsourcing solutions in critical problem areas and opportunities for innovation in the oceans. This will lead to our pitch competition launching in the spring, and then our incubator program launch during the summer. We are truly excited for what is to come in 2021, and hope that you will join us on this important mission to support regenerative innovation and entrepreneurship to heal the oceans!

Whether you are in the ocean science, exploration, and conservation sphere, a current or aspiring innovator or entrepreneur, or someone just looking to help make a difference for the oceans, we hope that the mission of Seaworthy Collective inspires you and that you will join us by becoming a donor this Giving Tuesday. Your tax-deductible donation helps enable us to continue developing our programs and empower our community of Sea Change Makers to develop their own regenerative solutions to turn the tide on the threats to our ocean’s health.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to an exciting year ahead as we continue building our community of Sea Change Makers, launching our pitch competition and incubator program, and collectively innovating to save our oceans.

Tax-deductible donations may be made through our fiscal sponsor at:

Daniel Kleinman

Seaworthy Collective Founder & CEO

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