• Daniel Kleinman

Seaworthy Wins Grant for 2 Trident ROVs & Needs Your Vote for Another Award!

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has partnered with Sofar to support a global network of conservation organizations to explore and protect our oceans, freshwater systems, and aquatic biodiversity. Seaworthy Collective is receiving two grant-funded Sofar Tridents to help monitor, protect, and tell unique stories about the marine environment and empower our community with hands-on experience with ocean technology and innovation!

Seaworthy Collective is currently in the running for Boot Dusseldorf's 20,000 Ocean Tribute Award!

The award supports initiatives with the following goals:

  • Development of innovative, future-oriented technologies for the protection and preservation of the oceans

  • Promotion and raising awareness of scientific knowledge and development of research capacities

  • Reduction of waste and nutrients for clean seas

  • Sustainable management to protect marine and coastal ecosystems and measures to restore fish stocks

  • High-profile public awareness work, which points to abuses and offers solutions for the sustainable use of our waters

  • Reduction of acidification of the oceans and their effects

Vote for us here:

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