Giuliana Vomero

Community Relations Director

Giuliana Vomero is a marine biologist who aspires to play a role in coastal zone management, identifying and developing collaborative solutions for the different challenges coastal communities are facing. Since she was a teenager, she has been around the Atlantic Ocean by the Uruguayan coast, wondering about the dynamics between communities and the ocean. She received her bachelors degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC) with an enriching exchange experience at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. As a student she gathered experience on environmental consultancy, wetland studies and small-scale fishermen communities.

After graduation, she worked at CoLab UC: a social innovation lab for the sustainability of Chilean small-scale fisheries. As a project assistant, she collaborated with small-scale fishermen designing a sustainable business model for seaweed extraction, while also co-developing innovative solutions to improve their interaction with sea lions. Now, Giuliana joined Seaworthy Collective to further our mission inspiring and empowering the next generation of sea change makers as community relations director.

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