Robert Manuel Carmichael, Nekton Mission

Robert M. Carmichael

Founder/Co-Founder, Global SubDive

Robert M. Carmichael (aka RMC) is first and foremost, a friend of the ocean. He is the founder/co-founder of Global SubDive, the non-profit Project Baseline, and several other companies, each with a unique focus on the earth's waters and the diving industry. He is the inventor of various diving, medical, and marine instruments - including innovative dive equipment for Halcyon Dive Systems. His constant passion for underwater exploration and a knack for improving the functionality of mechanical devices. He learned how to build a recreational hookah system in 1980 as the first full-time employee of Brownie's Third Lung, a job that inaugurated his love for diving. In the late 1980's, he began experimenting with technical mixed gas diving and was the enterprising force behind the development of what would become the Halcyon "PVR-BASC" rebreather. This rebreather helped revolutionize deep technical diving and would lead to numerous world record cave dives. Robert continues to bring innovative solutions into a wide range of marine applications, building a team at Brownie’s which supports mixed gas supply and submersible support systems for yachts and expedition ships around the world. Armed with decades of experience in a number of capacities, both top sides and underwater, Robert pulls from a varied history that includes deep, technical, open ocean, and cave diving, as well as patents for three diving industry innovations, gas fill systems and services for private homes and yachts that meet the needs of often highly specialized expeditions. Combined with unstoppable drive to push underwater exploration in the name of discovery and preservation, Robert enters 2021 fully equipped with a multitude of adventures.