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Opportunities for Sea Change

Become a co-founder in one of our venture studio start-ups or submit your existing startup for our pitch competition! Applications are still open on a rolling basis.

Through the Opportunities for Sea Change, Seaworthy offers accessible, inclusive, and prerequisite-free opportunities for ocean passionate innovators to co-found their own impact venture or grow their existing startup in the ocean and climate tech space.

The oceans need all the help they can get, and Seaworthy welcomes anyone who is passionate about working towards solutions within any one of our 6 target areas to apply. Seaworthy is excited to not only build individually impactful solutions, but also create larger systems of solutions that have benefits for each other, broader ocean and climate health, and the blue economy.

Our Target Areas:

  • Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Gas Removal (CDR), Sequestration, & Decarbonization

  • Regenerative Ocean Food Sources

  • Seawater as a Resource

  • Ocean Data, Technology, & Emerging Innovations

  • Coastal Resilience

  • Plastics & Pollution Detection, Removal, & Alternatives


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