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Dr. Mark Abbott

Past President and Director, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Humera Fasihuddin

Founder, University Innovation Fellows


Dr. Kenny Broad

Director, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science, Professor, Department of Marine Ecosystems & Society, University of Miami RSMAS


Dr. Katherine Skinner

Postdoctoral Researcher in Underwater Robotics,
Georgia Institute of Technology


Peter Coughlan

Co-Founder, Hasten


Veta Wade

Founder - Fish’N Fins Inc. | Blue Economy Consultant - Diversity & Impact


Founding Executive Director, Florida Engineering Experiment Station (FLEXStation) - University of Florida

Jeff Kaeli.jpg

Dr. Jeff Kaeli

Lead Scientist, Co-Founder, Co-Inventor - Armada 
Marine Robotics,
Research Engineer - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Robert Manuel Carmichael, Nekton Mission

Robert M. Carmichael

Founder/Co-Founder, Global SubDive


Dr. Michael K. Dorsey

Co-Founder Sunrise Movement, Limited Partner IberSun Solar


Ian Tomcho

Expedition Equipment Specialist - Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic

Eric Nieves.JPG

Dr. Eric Nieves

Staff Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton


Caleb Carr

Founder, President, & CEO - Vita Inclinata Technologies

Millicent Pitts.jpg

Millicent Wallace Pitts

CEO/Executive Director,


Mahmoud Khedr

Co-Founder & CEO - FloraMind


Assistant Director for Economic Development and Community Engagement, Association of Public 
and Land-grant Universities (APLU)


Vincent Arena

Co-Founder, Tazzetto
Founder, Catalist


Dr. Keene Haywood

MPS Exploration Science Track Coordinator, University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science


Sam Warach

Founder & CEO - NextStep HealthTech


Aakash (Kash) Sudhakar

Data Scientist at LifeNome; Founder at Coderie

Jonathan DeLong.JPG

Jonathan DeLong

Sailor, Explorer, Entrepreneur


Kayla Barbour

University of Cincinnati DAAP Masters Program Candidate, Community Planning


Kyle Pitocchelli

Principal Consultant - Vantage

Leslie Townsell .JPG

Leslie Townsell

Graduate Research Assistant 
Yager Lab
University of Georgia

Kelly Schutt.png

Dr. Kelly Schutt

Director’s Fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Dr. Brian Von Herzen

Founder & Executive Director, Climate Foundation


Hannuman Bull

Senior Test & Integration Engineer and Co-Founder at Cumulus Digital Systems


Dr. Jordon Beckler

Assistant Research Professor and director of the Geochemistry and Geochemical Sensing Lab, FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

Rose Santana.jpg

Rose Santana

Research Analyst
Aquatic Ecology and Ecotoxicology Lab
Florida International University

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-27 at

Christopher Storey

Director, Sea Shepherd
Co-founder, GhostNetWork
Head of Innovation at Green Innovation Group

DR headshot.jpeg

Danica Reinicke

Head of Distribution and Partnerships, Smartfin

Stu Headshots 038.jpg

Stuart Rudick

Founder and CEO, Water Innovation Accelerator


Dr. Laura Canevari

CEO and Co-Founder of ITACA

theDOCK Nir Gartzman Onboard Oct2020.jpe

Nir Gartzman

Co-Founder & Manager Partner, the DOCK


Andrew Otazo

Strategic Projects Manager at JeffreyGroup


Jacob Steensen

COO & Co-founder at


Ted Janulis

Founder & Principal,
Investable Ocean


Heather Sadusky

Aquaculture Hub Coordinator at Maine Sea Grant

headshot 1-best.jpg

Max Ringelheim

Founder of When Going Viral
Co-founder of 2015's Hoverboard Fad

Aaron Headshot - Color 1x1.jpg

Aaron Chavez

Partner at Argent Strategies

Alex King headshot.jpg

Alex King

Early stage startup advisor, mentor, and investor; Founding Partner at 1888 Ventures


Dr. George Sklivanitis

Research Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University

Daniel Kvarnberg Profile.jpg

Daniel Kvarnberg

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Physician Advisory Solutions


Andres Avello

Founder and CEO of PADL


Esber Andiroglu

Director of MS-Construction Management University of Miami College of Engineering


Rodrigo Griesi

Founder & Captain of NEPTUNYA Ocean Power


Chris Coyle

Founder and CEO, Futurist at TAO: Tethra Advisors and Officers

IMG-6099 (1).jpg

Michael J. Penfield

Principal and CEO Stradivarius Consulting

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 11.03.57

Loretta Roberson

Associate Scientist at Marine Biological Laboratory

Luke Close Up.jpg

Luke Young

CEO and Co-Founder, Agrisea

Powell Kinney TWLV.png

Dr. Powell Kinney

Co-Founder and CTO, Twelve Marine Ventures

BC square bio shot small.jpg

Brandon Cotter

Founder and CEO, Twelve Marine Ventures

Daniel Hettwer.jpg

Daniel Hettwer

Founder and CEO, Hidden Worlds Entertainment

Tara Headshot.JPG

Tara Sibel Demren

Co-Founder, Sprightful


Dr. Miles Medina

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Florida's Center for Coastal Solutions

Laura Chavez.png

Laura Chavez Anderson

Communications Assistant, Stanford Center for Ocean

Chris Muglia.jpeg

Chris Muglia

Co-Founder, EvolutionXD


Gaelin Rosenwaks

Founder and President, Global Ocean Exploration Inc

nicolas derouin headshot.jpg

Nicolas Derouin

Co-Founder, Arkup

Ethan Headshot.jpeg

Ethan Beswick

Food and Chemical Industries Consultant


Eric Siegel

Executive in Residence, CDL Oceans and Board Member, Sustainable Oceans Applied Research and Sail Nova Scotia

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 12.23.04 PM.png

Imran Siddiqui

Associate Vice President for Finance and Operations, Broward College


Tyler Wood

Director of ESG & Sustainability, Gravitas Infinitum


Lior Barhai

Co-Founder & CEO, Envonics

Garrett Evridge Headshot.jpeg

Garrett Evridge

Managing Director, Alaska Ocean Cluster

Taylor Drew Holshouser Headshot.JPG

Taylor Drew Holshouser

Managing Director, Alaska Ocean Cluster


Alec Bogdanoff

Principal Scientist & Co-Founder, Brizaga

Willis - Portrait.png

Willis Brown

Founder, Seagreen


Gaida Zirkelbach

Co-Founder, SustainaBase

Scott Rivello profile.jpg

Scott Rivello

Global Client Service Partner

Dr. Margaux

Dr. Margaux Filippi

Oceanographer & Oceanographic engineer

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