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Supporting Partners


Why Become a Seaworthy Supporting Partner?

Support a Grassroots Movment

Support building communities and ecosystems for ocean and climate impact

Drive Inclusion & Education

Driving social and workforce development for current and aspiring BlueTech innovators of diverse backgrounds

Empower Sea Change Makers

Support the innovators dedicating their lives to solutions for regenerating our oceans and climate

Catalyze Measurable Impact


Investing Partners

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15% of Funds Dedicated to Oceans

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$1.1 Billion Assets Under Management (AUM)


$270 Million Fund


Network of Blue Economy Investors


Why Become an Investing Partner?

Invest in Regenerating the Planet

Access our pipeline of ocean and climate impact startups

A Rising Tide of BlueTech Capital

Collectively help to build the largest pool of funding for ocean innovation

Early Stage Involvement

Get involved at pre-seed or seed stage and positioned for larger follow-on funding

Support the Innovation Ecosystem

Investing partners who support Seaworthy gain earlier access to our pipeline of startups


Strategic Partners


Grant database


Brand Strategy


Why Become a Strategic Partner?

Lead Generation

Short term trials of your product or service can lead to longterm users

Catalyze Impact

Help startups helping the planet

Brand Alignment

Aligning with Seaworthy helps establish your brand in the BlueTech space


Our Commitment To Our Collective

Sponsors, partners, and startups alike will gain

significant measurable value from our programs


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