Opportunities for Sea Change

Seeking Co-Founders & Existing Startups for Regenerative Ocean Impact

Applications accepted on a rolling basis


Six areas for innovative startups we co-create and crowdsource to collectively build a regenerative blue economy:

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Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Gas Removal (CDR), Sequestration, & Decarbonization

Mariculture, ocean biofuels, & decarbonizing marine transportation


Regenerative Ocean Food Sources

Aquaculture, Mariculture, and Plant-based seafood alternatives


Seawater as a Resource

Ocean Energy, Desalination, & Hydrogen fuel extraction from seawater


Ocean Data, Technology, & Emerging Innovations

Marine protection area monitoring & enforcement, Ocean exploration technology & unmanned platforms, Eco-friendly resource extraction technology, Big data solutions for improving human-ocean interaction

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Coastal Resilience

Mangrove afforestation, Reef regeneration, Infrastructure for mitigating & adapting to sea level rise, Protections from hurricanes and storm surge

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Plastics & Pollution Detection, Removal, & Alternatives

Water quality monitoring, Systems for runoff & wastewater mismanagement, Pollution removal, Marine plastics upstream & downstream


Empowering Sea Change Makers

We support co-created and existing startups through:


Community Building


Mentorship & Training


Networking & Resources


Strategic Investment


Become Part of the Next Wave of Sea Change Makers

Building the Regenerative Ocean Innovation Pipeline

Brainstorming Session

Venture Studio

Co-Create the Future of Ocean Innovation

We co-create startups from the ground up, building the initial team of co-founders, providing strategic direction, and attracting capital for the startup to reach product-market fit. We're aiming to co-create 1 startup per Opportunity for Sea Change, seeking 3 co-founders per startup.

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Pitch Competition

Growing Existing Ocean Startups

The pitch competition offers a platform for existing ocean startups across our Opportunities for Sea Change target areas to get into the pipeline for our partner ocean impact focused incubator and accelerator programs, alongside the co-created startups from our venture studio.

Stand Up Meeting

Partner Incubator & Accelerator Programs

Growing Impact, Together

Seaworthy Collective partners with existing incubators and accelerators to leverage their core programming and help tailor it to serve our regenerative ocean innovation pipeline of co-created and crowdsourced startups. We seek partner incubator and accelerators in cities with great potential for growing their regenerative blue economies.


Are you an investor, philanthropist, or public or private sector organization looking to help catalyze the growth of regenerative ocean innovation?

Become a sponsor or investing partner in our startups!

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