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Sea Change Made In 2023: Seaworthy's 2nd Annual Impact Report, Success Stories, + 2024 Previews

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As we shared in September, 2023 has been an incredibly pivotal year - in case you missed it, you can catch up on our 3rd year in review and announcements from NYC Climate Week here. The culmination of this year, and overall past 3 years, has resulted in Seaworthy finally evolving from a startup to becoming an established organization.

We now have a clear vision for how Seaworthy will remain sustainable and scaling our collective impact, and are building upon the impacts and lessons learned from 2023 and apply them to fuel even greater outcomes we're set up to achieve in 2024. We're proud to share our total outcomes from this year, and overall lifetime outcomes below, along with some highlights and success stories from this year! Plus, at the end of this post, you'll find some exciting updates previewing our startup programs for 2024.

Seaworthy's 2023 outcomes include:

Since 2020, Seaworthy's total lifetime outcomes now include:

Impacts, Stories, & Look Ahead for 2024

Community Programs

Seaworthy's 2023 Community Programs encompassed 10 different events including our monthly Climate Community Social Hour, collaborations with PeaceBoat and the MiamiTech Happy Hour, and our first workshops with Miami Dade College!

We also made space this year to co-create with our community, with activities at our Climate Community Social Hours spurring collaboration and ensuring everyone who attends gets an opportunity to share our platform and build meaningful connections. From crowdsourcing our community's needs to sharing asks and offers, we've only scratched the surface on ways for us to connect and support one another. In our last event alone, one founder reported that our event helped them land their case study user to build their MVP!

We are so excited to continue growing our collaborations and partnerships for community events in 2024, which will be further enabled by growing our team - we're currently seeking a new Community Programs Coordinator to lead our local efforts in Miami. Learn more and apply here. If you'd like to partner for an event in 2024 - feel free to reach out via our partnerships page or at

In 2024, we'll be expanding on our SBA Growth Accelerator Fund supported partnership with Miami Dade College, providing more workshops to get underrepresented and underserved students prototyping ocean and climate impact startups, with a formal pathway to building a startup with Seaworthy via a fellowship program launching next summer! This is just the start of how we're growing our programs to ensure opportunities in BlueTech are truly accessible to all.

Startup Programs

Seaworthy's 2023 Startup Programs experimented and interated with ways for us to make our programming more accessible and inclusive, with a year-round rolling cohort through our Founder Mentorship Program. This new program enabled us to bring in new partners at Impact Stars to deploy rigorous curriculum that continued to grow the value we provide to BlueTech founders. In total, we were able to support 6 startups this year, with 4 of them making it through to our startup showcase in October.

For the first time, the MAJORITY of the startups we were able to support this year were based in South Florida; a testament to the growing innovation in our region that desperately needs solutions. Our latest wave of Seaworthy startups we've supported this year included:

🚤 ARKHAUS {Codename: E-lixr} w/ Co-founders Sam Payrovi & Nathalie Paiva

{Codename: E-lixr} is ARKHAUS' blue-tech e-mobility solution, launching America's first serial production electric passenger vessel. A purpose built product, E-lixr will usher waterborne transport into a sustainable future and create a 3rd leg of multi-modal transportation for waterfront cities.

🌊 Algas Organics w/ Founder & CEO Johanan Dujon

Algas Organics is a millennial run, minority owned agriculture biotechnology company, based in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, taking on the gargantuan task of solving “The World’s Biggest Algal Bloom”.

To pioneer the conversion of this species of seaweed into cost-effective, world class, organic crop nutrition and crop protection products, which maximizes crop performance, and farm profitability, in the most challenging conditions. Algas Organics is now also developing sargassum-derived bioplastics.

🏖️ ShoreLock w/ Co-founders Blayne Ross and Troy Scott

ShoreLock is an early stage B Corp with a vision to slow coastal erosion across the planet by 2040. The ShoreLock technology is an innovative beach erosion treatment that aids in maximizing a beach’s capacity to dewater quickly and retain sand. Shorelock's revolutionary technology utilizes the application of a proprietary compound composed of naturally occurring organic marine materials that are laboratory tested to be non-toxic. ShoreLock's mission is to shift the current conversation and proactively protect the coast lines and help reduce the use of harmful methods.

♻️ Gradible w/ Founder & CEO Yadira Diaz

The "Environmental Concierge" providing sustainable solutions that are tailored, cost-effective, waste-reducing, environmentally beneficial, and include impact reporting. Gradible's platform of 150+ companies enables stakeholders to plug into a wide-ranging ecosystem of solutions for their sustainability needs.

Learn more about all of our startups at: or by clicking the "startups" tab at the top of this page.

Watch our Startup Showcase recap video below. The full recording will be out soon!

Altogether, since 2020 we've supported  26 startups and 56 founders across 4 continents over 3 years. Seaworthy founders (AKA Sea Change Makers) have raised over $8 million since graduating (up almost 20% from last year!). Seaworthy's intentional focus on supporting underrepresented founders has culminated in 57% of program participants identifying as female and/or diverse founders (BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA). Additionally, we've now hosted over 50 events to support building and educating the community, and our startups have helped created over 50 jobs globally!

Sea Change Makers' Success Stories From This Year:

2023 updates on Kind Designs:

2023 updates on Kee Farms:

2023 updates on Clean Earth Rovers:

2023 updates on Thalasso:

2023 updates on Sipremo:

These are just 5 of 26 amazing startups we've been able to support over the past 3 years, and we can't wait to share more Sea Change Makers' success stories in 2024!

Announcing Seaworthy's Startup Programs for 2024: The Startup Studio & Incubator - Applications Now Open

Seaworthy Collective is inviting applications for its flagship startup program updated for 2024, the Startup Studio and Incubator. Launching this spring, this three month program supports BlueTech startups with solutions addressing greenhouse gas reduction and removal, coastal resilience and adaptation, and pollution. Founders can tap into Seaworthy's global network of 2,250 members, 250 mentors, and over $1 billion in combined assets. 

Seaworthy has supported 26 startups and 56 founders over the past three years, with an intentional focus on supporting underrepresented founders. The program builds cohorts of both current and aspiring founders, offering a unique human-centered design, along with tailored support. It includes access to Seaworthy's community and resources, global network and services providers, 1-on-1 support, business curriculum, grants support, and opportunities for visibility. The program culminates in the Startup Showcase, celebrating the progress of startups supported throughout the year.

Partners Salesforce and the U.S. Small Business Administration provide full scholarships, valued at $25,000 each, enabling there to be NO COST or equity requirements for participants - our most inclusive program to date!

Apply now if you are looking for partners to help you navigate the blue tech ecosystem.

The deadline for applications for Cohort 4 is Feb 18th, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET

Looking for ways to make your end of year philanthropy make an impact? Support scholarships for future Sea Change Makers with your end of year tax-deductible donations! We also continue to seek out corporate, government, and philanthropic partners following the footsteps of Salesforce, the US Small Business Administration, the US Department of Energy, and more who help sustain our impactful work. Learn more via the button below.

On behalf of the Seaworthy Collective team and community - thank you to everyone who has made 2023 possible. We're continually grateful for everyone's continued dedication, support, and energy for making our vision for true sea change a reality. This year has truly been a turning point for our organization, and there is an undeniable wave of momentum continuing to build as we grow our efforts and ambitions for bringing all hands on deck for BlueTech in 2024 - keep an eye out for more exciting announcements to come as we kick off our most audacious year yet!

Happy holidays from the Seaworthy Crew! 🌊❄️🌊

Daniel Kleinman

Founder & CEO

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