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Recapping Seaworthy's Most Eventful Month Yet

It all started with a cafecito...

Seaworthy's Founder sat down with the Mayor of Miami for a Cafecito Talk

Seaworthy Collective announced a 30-Million-Dollar Blue Economy Fund with its first venture capital partner - Logos Capital, as well as its upcoming seed round, and the exciting number of applicants for its first venture studio cohort

Seaworthy Collective, the Miami-based startup empowering a community of current and aspiring ocean entrepreneurs (known as Sea Change Makers) to innovate for regenerative ocean impact, is partnering with Logos Capital to announce a 30-million-dollar Blue Economy Fund. This fund will invest in the startups Seaworthy is co-creating and crowdsourcing through Seaworthy’s Opportunities for Sea Change.

“We are excited to have a partner that shares our passion for advancing the Blue Tech ecosystem we’re building in Miami, South Florida, and beyond,” said Daniel Kleinman, Founder and CEO of Seaworthy Collective. “Their dedication to investing in solutions for the greatest problems facing our ocean will make a lasting impact.”

Seaworthy Collective launched its Opportunities for Sea Change at the beginning of 2021 to offer accessible, inclusive, and prerequisite-free opportunities for ocean-passionate innovators to co-found their own impact venture or grow their existing startup in the ocean and climate tech space. As of the April 30th deadline to apply, Seaworthy Collective received a total of over 150 applicants. Rolling applications will continue to be accepted.

“We’re excited to partner with Seaworthy Collective as a key ally in our Blue Bonds Economy Club to build capacity in South Florida and beyond with the launch of our Regenerative Blue Fund for early stage venture investments to support Oceanpreneurs and Aquapreneurs at large; on behalf of all the stakeholders in the Blue Economy, we’re glad to welcome Daniel Kleinman and the Seaworthy team as partners onto the Logos Capital Platform to co-build a better, bluer world.” – Silvio Pupo, Logos Capital

Logos Capital and Seaworthy Collective are seeking ocean-passionate Limited Partners as well as experienced General Partners interested in being a part of the Blue Economy Fund, which will invest in solutions for regenerative ocean and climate impact. Limited Partners will receive a 2:1 contribution for their capital into the fund as well.

Seaworthy Collective is also working towards launching its seed round to build the working capital to launch its inaugural programs and continue building its community, team, and resources to empower entrepreneurs for regenerative ocean impact.

We're now gearing up for building our first regenerative ocean impact startups this summer!


A few other highlights that happened at the end of April:

First In-Person Keynote @ Tech Beach's Earth Day Gathering

Daniel kicked off Earth Day in South Beach at local tech meetup Tech Beach's first in-person Earth Day event!

Miami Tech Week

Representing BlueTech in Miami Tech at the Miami Cafecito Meetup - and networking with Miamians and soon to be Miamians alike!

Shout-out to our friends at The Shrimp Society for an amazing happy hour event!


Recent Events

Meanwhile we also hosted some incredible events between the end of April and May including:

Did you attend one of our events? Fill out our events survey here.

Recordings for these panels will be posted soon. Hopefully by now you can see why we're a little behind. But wait there's still more!

Seaworthy's First In-Person Event - Miami BlueTech Mixer with PADL

Coming off all of the excitement of Miami Tech Week, Seaworthy Collective hosted its first in-person event, bringing together local stakeholders from founders, funders, government, academia, and more to catalyze building the Miami BlueTech ecosystem. We featured remarks from Chief Bay Officer Irela Bague and City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell, in addition to our Founder & CEO Daniel Kleinman, and PADL CEO Andres Avello, in a casual setting to ignite collaboration and innovation for building our local blue economy.

Take a listen to our Founder & CEO's inspiring remarks to spark building our local BlueTech ecosystem and community!

Ocean Visions Summit 2021 - Harnessing Innovation to Accelerate Ocean Solutions - Startup Ecosystem Panel

Seaworthy took part in a panel focused on accelerating the development of solutions that can be financed, scaled, and deployed for maximum positive impact.


Additional Press:


What's next? Join us for our event next week to find out!

Join us for a special virtual event to get to know some of the exciting plans we have in store for this summer as well as be introduced to our amazing leadership team. We can't wait to start building our first regenerative ocean impact ventures and continue building our community both virtually and in-person this summer!

There is so much to come this summer as we bring together the best of the 150+ applicants for our programs and look forward to executing on the vision we set last year of building the blue tech ecosystem from the ground (or seafloor) up, starting with a radically inclusive and accessible opportunity for anyone to innovate for the oceans with us!

We hope you'll join us and look forward to an exciting World Oceans Month ahead of us in June!


Last but not least:

Have you seen our new hype video? We hope you're as excited for this summer as we are!

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