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Ocean Innovation Can't Afford To Be Siloed

The oceans are a frontier in crisis. Ocean warming, acidification, plasticization, overfishing, and pollution are just some of the major environmental problems facing the hydrosphere.

Meanwhile, public funding for marine research has dwindled globally. As a result, the current ocean innovation pipeline primarily serves the defense and fossil fuel industries. This pipeline is also failing to create solutions for the most urgent issues facing the oceans. In these companies, profit and mission focus far outweigh the need for science and environmental stewardship.

This systemic lack of opportunity to catalyze solutions for the oceans' greatest problems inspired the creation of the Seaworthy Collective. We empower innovators and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, guidance, and resources to take on these global problems that need dedicated ocean science, conservation, and exploration.


Regeneration > Sustainability


Sustainability is only an incremental step towards mitigating, rather than solving, the effects of anthropogenic impacts on the oceans. The blue economy needs to be regenerative, with a tangible, solutions-based focus that reverses detrimental anthropogenic impacts. Seaworthy recently opened its Opportunities for Sea Change - six key areas of opportunity for building a regenerative blue economy as collective systems of solutions, looking to bring together current and aspiring entrepreneurs to co-create and crowdsource these solutions.

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