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Seaworthy Announces Its Inaugural Cohort of Sea Change Makers

From Los Angeles to London to São Paulo, our inaugural cohort is bringing together a diverse group of Sea Change Makers leading innovation for regenerative ocean impact. Our cohort of 10 startups includes 25 founders and features Seaworthy's first co-created startups, which are cross-disciplinary teams built with members of our growing community that applied for our Opportunities for Sea Change!

Co-Created Startups:

Sea Green Regeneration

SeaGreen Regeneration is a surface to seafloor marine vegetation startup developing productization and scaling carbon and nutrient sequestration.

Clean Coast Innovations

Clean Coast Innovation is an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) company building a platform that balances monetization with environmental impact – creating advertising real estate in coastal areas while deploying sensor and filtration systems for collecting environmental data and pollutants as well as marine debris.

Crowdsourced Existing Startups:


Sipremo deploys AI for climate events and natural disasters prediction and monitoring.

Pana Sea:

PanaSea is the only open-ocean commercial hatchery of sea cucumbers in the Western Hemisphere selling annual harvests will be sold directly to the $14 billion Chinese market. Our triple bottom line approach (People, Planet, Profit) ensures that we create a positive impact in the coastal communities where we work.

The Addition Company:

The Addition Company is addressing rising sea levels through the convergence of three technologies: 3D Printing, material science, and sensor tech. It is using robotic arms and gantries to 3D print living seawalls that function as coral reefs and have embedded sensors that track water-quality data and communicate via 5G. With each seawall, it is expanding a global network of live water data. The seawalls are also reinforced with recycled marine plastics and are exponentially cheaper, stronger, longer lasting, and better for biodiversity and the quality of water than conventional seawalls.

Tiktaalik Labs:

Tiktaalik Labs centralizes and simplifies dynamic marine data into an interactive “ocean twin” platform, enabling marine stakeholders to comprehend holistic oceanographic data in real time. Their platform and tools are designed to streamline complex decisions across the blue-tech sector, from climate resilience and risk-management to coastal development and renewable energy.


IntelliAqua brings technology intelligence to the aquaculture industry, enabling businesses to become more competitive, compliant, and efficient by driving digitization across their operations. IntelliAqua addresses the pain points of the pond-to-plate supply chain through farm management, disease advisory, and traceability solutions.

Ocean-Based Climate Solutions:

Each of Ocean-based Climate Solution’s Autonomous Upwelling Pumps (AUPs) can grow enough phytoplankton to remove approximately 20,000 to 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide over its life. They can produce and deploy enough AUPs to meet most corporations’ CO2 removal or carbon-negative credit goals.

Kee Farms:

Kee Farms is a networked regenerative ocean farm focused on cultivating and harvesting seaweed and oysters. Taking action on climate change, they turn their seaweed and oyster biomass into useful value chain products that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Thalasso Ocean:

Thalasso is a Norwegian-Mexican cooperation project whose main objective is to use autonomous aquatic drones to harvest sargassum, an invasive seaweed that is threatening the Caribbean region. With their blue economy approach, they turn the hazard into an opportunity.

You can learn more about each of the startups and their founders on our website:

We are also now accepting applications for our next cohort! You can apply at:

Last, but certainly not least - if you're local to South Florida, join us next week for our launch party at Cerveceria La Tropical in Wynwood! RSVP at:

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